Create worksheets in English, select type of a generator and viewing some samples of task

English Vocabulary

Creates worksheets with English vocabulary words that contain missing letters, that must be filled in the correct letters

3 Variants 5 Levels
s mmermassi ew rking
un formpi lmal 
Variant: 3 Level: Normal


Creates worksheets with English dictionary words, which contain missing letters and have a translation, and must be filled in the correct letters

2 Variants 5 Levels
hi tory [past]
wo nded [injured]
Variant: 2 Level: Difficult


Creates worksheets with English infinitives where some words are missing, missing verbs must be completed

3 Variants 3 Levels
overshootovershot  [overshoot]
unwind unwound [unwind]
Variant: 1 Level: Difficult

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