Generator Tags for Math Examples

AdditionMathematical examples with addition operations (26)
ColumnIt is possible to enable mode with solution by column (13)
ComparisonMathematical expressions with comparison (6)
DecimalAnswers and numbers can be decimal (12)
DivisionMathematical examples with division operations (32)
EquationMathematical expressions are equations (5)
FractionAnswers and numbers are fractions (8)
IntegerAnswers and numbers are always integers (20)
Mathematical examplesWorksheets with mathematical examples (27)
MultiplicationMathematical examples with multiplication operations (25)
NegativeAnswers and intermediate calculations can be negative (13)
ParenthesesMathematical examples can contain parentheses (16)
PositiveAnswers and intermediate calculations are always positive (27)
RoundingMathematical expressions include the rounding operation (2)
SubtractionMathematical examples with subtraction operations (27)
VocabularyThe correct spelling of the words (4)

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